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Hailing from Chittur, Palakkad, Kerala, India one of the beautiful places in Palakkad, I am an enthusiastic person who loves to help people by giving ideas about things around you. From Technology to Health, everything has got an answer with me. 
Currently residing within the borders of Kochi, with my IT startup Digital Innovation Media, I am an Entrepreneur and also a Google Certified Digital Marketing Strategist. I was so eager and anxious to learn about new technologies from my childhood days, and there will be people like me around, so with the view of creating digital awareness, I have started this blog that might be helpful for a lot of people. 
I love blogging. I love to share my thoughts, ideas, and knowledge among people, and so here is my blog that covers all about Technology, Travel, Entertainment, and Food. 
With the idea of giving complete knowledge about small things to bigger ones, my writings might be helpful to you. 
Thank you for visiting here, and always feel free to keep in touch with me.

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