How to choose the best blogging platform in 2020

Updated: May 6

The blogging platform can be divided into several categories and you must first decide which one you want. In the second phase you can choose the best among those in the category.

How to choose the best blogging platform in 2020

Free blog platform: Blogger - overall very good, very popular; You can run ads Wordpress - as good as bloggers, also very popular; requesting an update fee for your premium account Medium - suitable for serious content, not as popular as the two above; Advertising is not possible and not many adjustments are possible Tumblr - Good, but not as popular as the first two; Focus on sharing content LiveJournal - Not very popular, although it is very old; adjustment is not possible; It's great for building a community with other bloggers Website content management system / creator - very good, recommended Joomla - Good, but not as popular as WordPress. Also a bit difficult to do. Drupal - Good, but not as popular as WordPress. Hard work. Wix




Ghost I would recommend Blogger or Wordpress if you want a free blogging platform.

Go to if you want to have a blog or website hosted. Other people may be as good or sometimes look better (eg Weebly etc. Having an easy way to navigate and create a website) but I will use Wordpress, org because of the many resources and free plugins available on the web are recommended too.



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