Is there a treatment for the Coronavirus

    Is there a treatment for the Coronavirus

    There is currently no 100% cure for the nCoV virus in 2019 (the Crown virus that started in Wuhan, China earlier this year). But don't worry, experts are trying to find a cure for this virus. Although there is no treatment, there is treatment available for everyone who is infected with the Corona Virus. So far, the chance of death from this virus is less than 5%, that is if you receive appropriate treatment.

    Coronavirus cure

    To protect yourself from the 2019 nCoV virus infection, you need to:

    Wash your hands often with soap to remove bacteria or infections that may be infected with the 2019 nCoV virus. Don't touch your eyes, mouth or nose with unclean / unclean hands. Cover your sneeze and cough with paper towels and immediately throw the cloth in the trash.

    Avoid contacting sick people. If you don't know whether that person has the common cold or the crown virus, you should try to keep a distance of 3 meters from them Cover your face with a mask. Masks for nurses are available at hospitals and pharmacies at very reasonable prices. If you stick to the points above, you should have almost no chance of being infected with the 2019 nCoV virus.

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