How can blogging help promote a business

Updated: May 6

Many companies are still not convinced that content marketing can generate sales. However, successful entrepreneurs and highly respected bloggers Neil Patel (founder of KissMetrics and Crazy Egg) argue otherwise.

How can blogging help promote a business

Neil, known as one of the top influencers in the marketing world, has built several millionaire companies and even his own brand around content marketing. If you are one of those who are still unsure about taking this step, there are 8 reasons why you should stop moving blogs and create blogs that your business really needs:

1. Vote on your company Company blogs allow your company to talk to its audience, spread interesting information, promote dialogue with users, and increase engagement. This leads to better brand positioning in relation to competition. 2. Increase your search engine visibility Search engines (Google and ... Google) determine the level of relevance of websites according to various criteria, most of which are unknown. Of all the criteria taken into account, quality content and correct optimization are top priorities. When your blog creates content using these features, it increases the visibility of your company because it is more positioned in terms of search engine relevance.

3. Become an authority Blogs are the best way to show the world that you really know how to do what you say you know how to do. The more detailed the content that you share on your blog, the greater the impact on the sector where your company grows. This means more trust and reliability for your brand. 4. Build an audience Blogs have a reciprocal relationship between giving and receiving. Bloggers provide relevant information in return for the compassion of the readers. This sympathy is expressed on company blogs through frequent visits, shared content, subscribing to your email list and purchasing your product or service. 5. Clarification One of the biggest challenges for companies is to educate the audience about the importance of the products or services offered. Company blogs can provide information to consumers about the products or services offered by the company itself. As long as potential customers know the product and understand the importance of the product, the ease with which they make purchasing decisions increases. 6. Service and customer service Blogs not only talk about the benefits of the product, but also are a way to inform consumers and / or users about changes, mistakes, decisions and complaints. There are many cases where the same complaint can be resolved by 10,000 users with one blog post explaining the situation. This makes blogs a very effective customer service tool. 7. Eat Because almost all actions taken by users in the middle of your company blog can be measured, this is a source of direct and indirect feedback that contributes to the ongoing improvement of the brand. Direct feedback comes from the comments and messages of your audience, while indirect feedback is measured by how they interact with published content, advertisements and propaganda on blogs, and how they share their experiences with others. 8. Generate sales Although the essence of a blog is not to generate direct sales, the fact that you can use it to drive traffic to your website and list of customers offers the opportunity to provide more information to potential customers. and propaganda about your product, which means increased sales opportunities.

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