How Much Does it Cost to Build a Website

With Sam Smith's great words, you have money in your head. And you might be here because you also have a website. With this in mind, let's try to reach the end of the important question: How much does a website cost?

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Website

Even though you might be worried about the costs of building a website, doing enough research and understanding can significantly reduce costs. To get started, you need to understand basic details, e.g. B. How many pages does your website need, which function you want to have and the domain name you need. These details will give you a better picture of the final price of your website.

To help you with this, we have broken down various website elements and related prices so you can build a strong online presence.

What is the website made of?

The first thing you need to understand when thinking about your website is what components are needed. Regardless of whether you create a blog or online store, all websites have three main functions: website design and interface, web hosting, and domain names. Because each of these components can contribute independently to the overall cost of the website, it's important to understand the specifics of each component.

Website design and interface

Perhaps the most important part of a website is how it looks. Visual content and user interface are what visitors see and interact when they arrive at your website. Like every first impression, website design can have a big impact on how visitors assess your product or service. A successful user interface allows visitors to navigate your website seamlessly and offers them a positive overall user experience.

Web hosting

Web hosting basically allows your website to be online. In order to be seen on the Internet, a website must be hosted on a server. In other words, you must choose a service that ensures that your website is stored and gives online visitors access to your website.

Domain name

Just as you need an address to get to a physical location, you also need an address to get to a website. This web address is called a domain name. Although there are many factors involved in choosing a domain name, success will make your website easily recognizable and it is very important to stand out from the masses of websites on the World Wide Web.

How much does a website actually cost?

After we understand the main components of each website, we go a little deeper into their costs. There are a number of basic factors that need to be considered when pricing.

First, consider whether you want to use a website builder like Wix that offers templates and intuitive tools for creating your own website. Or, you can always hire a web designer to create a website for you. Of course, this is related to additional costs.

What you end up paying for your website also depends on the requirements of your specific website. For this reason, we have grouped them based on the type of website so you can easily find out how much your website costs with Wix.

To better understand the information in the image above, we break down each type of website:


So, you decide to create a blog and share your experiences online. Fortunately, you don't need to break the bank to do this. Homemade standard blogs should not cost anything with the Wix tool. What can cost you money is if you want to buy a special domain name, add advanced features, or have enough storage space to upload as many posts and images as you want. Of course, choosing a web designer can also be charged. But overall, the blog must be one of the cheapest websites that can be created.

E-commerce website

With nearly 2 billion online shoppers, the world seems to be turning to digital business models. Therefore, starting your e-commerce business is the best way to make money online.

You don't need to pay anything to activate and run your website. However, to connect to your own domain, receive payments online and truly grow your business, you end up paying a small monthly fee. As mentioned above, this fee is between $ 23.00 and $ 49.00 per month, depending on how dynamic your website should be.

You might also notice that there is a very wide price range for hiring a designer for an e-commerce website. This is mainly because many eCom sites have lots of moving parts and can be a bit complicated. However, templates designed previously for e-commerce websites also help you navigate the online shopping maze.

Event website

Whether you are planning a wedding, hosting a webinar, or something in between, an event website can help you arrange it. The event website is unique because it is often short-lived. This means that many of you who want to create a website for an event might not want to invest a lot of money in your website.

The good news is you can definitely build a website and host it online for free. The bad news is that you have to pay a little for this domain name if you want to give your site a custom name. In general, you only need to pay $ 13.00 a month to have your own domain. With the monthly payment option, you only pay for the relevant period in which your event site is run.

Portfolio website

To present your work online, you need a portfolio website. This helps entrepreneurs, prospective customers, or even distant cousins ​​to see your work easily.

You don't need to pay anything to bone your website and run it online. However, because the portfolio website is full of images, videos and text, you may need enough space on your portfolio website. To meet this need, you might consider a $ 17.00 package per month. This gives you 10 GB of storage space and allows you to store one hour of video on your site.

Other types of websites

There are many other types of websites that you might want to create. From music advertising sites to video hosting websites, there are tons of choices when it comes to websites. With Wix, all important web sites can be created without cost. However, if you want to add special domains and advanced features, Wix will give you an average of around $ 22 a month for your website.

Do you need to hire someone to create a website for you?

Once you know how much it costs to build a website, you still have a difficult decision to make. Do you need to hire someone to create a website for you, or do you have to do it yourself?

In the end it depends on your budget and your free time. If you have a limited budget, building a website is certainly a good choice. There are many templates available that have been created by designers and you can create a professional website with little effort. However, remember that it takes time to set up your website to look exactly the way you want it to. So make sure you have enough time to complete this task.

On the other hand, you can always hire a web designer to create a website for you. This is of course more expensive and can cost thousands of dollars depending on the complexity of your website. Assuming you have a relatively simple site query, the designer shouldn't give you too much. Hiring someone will also save you time and reduce the burden if you already have a busy schedule. In short, hiring someone is a great way to get a professional website, but today, this is not important.



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