How can we increase organic traffic on a website in 2020

Updated: May 6

There are many ways to increase organic website traffic by 2020. Let's discuss one by one:

How can we increase organic traffic on a website in 2020

Content updated first. Content is now king when we talk about website traffic. Content is the best way to attract new and repeat traffic. If your website content is up-to-date and contains good keywords, you will get good search engine traffic. Good content also increases sharing, so lots of viewers come from sharing posts. The second best organic way is SEO. SEO is very dependent on your content and links. Having links from high ranking websites will improve your SEO ranking. SEO is a very deep field and many factors influence it. Therefore, you need to read it carefully to master it. SEO is the best way to get long term traffic for free. So don't ever ignore it.

Website layout is another factor. If your website is mobile to mobile, it will be checked by users and will be ranked higher by search engines. If your website isn't loaded correctly on mobile devices, users have a bad impression about it and are not ranked by search engines. The fourth important way to get free traffic is to use social media channels. You can use the following channels to drive traffic to your website: Facebook Quora giggle LinkedIn Pinterest Instagram The fifth way is marketing. You can do marketing in the following ways:

"Video remarketing: In the age of smartphones, video ads are there. Publish video ads to website visitors. Keyword Search: Find and explore the search elements that you have used. Use keyword detection tools such as Google Trends and Keyword Planner. Buy your blog on forums and blogs online: there are many platforms that look for content. Prominently stands out from the competition with different and prominent content. Email Marketing: Promote blog posts about your email campaign to ensure success. Submit relevant blog posts and make sure you encourage clicks on your blog.



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