Most effective way to increase views on Youtube Channel

Continue to post videos. Stay constant. Inconsistency is one of the main reasons why many people fail. Create a schedule that is convenient for you and follow the schedule when you are patient.

Most effective way to increase views on Youtube Channel

Promote your videos on social media, websites and blogs.

Be original and unique

Add lots of tags. Tags help find your video when someone searches for certain words. If you add lots of tags, your video is easy to find.

Add interesting thumbnails. I would not suggest clicking, but try to get the most interesting shots in the video.

Track what your viewers / customers are more interested in. If you really want to improve your appearance immediately, consider buying a view (I'm not sure if this violates YouTube's Terms of Service) or not.

Determine the title of your video appropriately. It must be concise, interesting and accurate. If the viewer sees the video title and doesn't know what it is, he or she will not click on it.

Describe your video in detail. Most people ignore this step, but you must take it seriously to improve your view. Describe your video as precisely as possible in the area provided. Take 1-2 paragraphs to write interesting and accurate descriptions of what people expect when they watch the video. This is another great opportunity to enter your keywords and search terms so that you have a better chance of finding your video. Ask people to subscribe to your channel at the end of each video Also ask them to like or share videos.

Commented a lot. Make sure it's good. Some people might click on the commentator channel to review their video.



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