What are the most effective ways to promote blogs

There are 80/20 rules in content marketing ... Spend 20% of your time or resources creating content.

Most effective ways to promote blogs

And 80% of your time or resources promote it. Effective advertising for your content is very important. For some reason this is called content marketing;) How do you distribute and promote your content effectively? First, find out where your audience is gathering.

Here are some places where you can find your target audience: Social (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, etc.) E-mail Community (quora, hunting products, lifelong passion, etc.) Publication (medium, etc.) And the list continues. So start with research and understanding where your audience is hanging out. Second, you develop a plan. Share what you know about your audience. How do you use each channel? How often will you publish content? How often will you send an email?

How much money will you spend (if any) on each channel? How long for each channel? The answers to these types of questions will help you structure your creation and promotion strategies. For example, if you find that YouTube is an important channel, you can duplicate the creation of video content. Third, follow the plan and measure the results. Measuring your results is an important part of promoting your content effectively. What is the conversion rate for certain content? What happens when you divide a channel? What type of content works well? What topics are suitable for people? Analysis can answer all of these things. Fourth, find your sweet spot. You will not have the perfect ad formula soon. However, over time, you will find which channel is best for what type of content. #Mos_effective_ways_to_promote_blogs


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