Step by Step Guide How to Design a Website in 2020

As technology advances, we can do more tasks without realizing how complicated they are. See how easy it is to access videos on your cellphone (your three-year-old niece has done it with one hand) or find love at your fingertips.

Step by Step Guide How to Design a Website in 2020

Building your own website is one of the miracles that have come true. Thanks to the development of website builders, anyone can create a website and create an impressive online presence for themselves.

Even better: Countless professional functions are available (online stores, ordering options, etc.) Make it possible to generate revenue, maintain a community of fans, and advertise your brand online. In other words, a website is no longer a good shop window - it is the center of your business life in the online world.

To begin, you need basic knowledge to get the right path. From choosing website builders to using your domain to searching on Google, this complete guide has instructions on how to design websites in 2020:

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How to create a website

Setting goals

Choose your website

Determine your layout

Request your domain name

Gather your content

Add the right page

Ease of use takes precedence

Do your SEO

Choose the professional tools you need

Make this accessible to everyone

Get involved with your visitors

Optimize for mobile devices

Ask for feedback

Post - and back

01. Set goals

Before you begin, you must be clear about what you want to achieve. With so many website ideas, you can take various forms, including:

Online shop for selling your products

A portfolio to present your art

Landing page to advertise marketing campaigns

Web site summary to attract potential employers

Blog to share your knowledge

Website for weddings, parties and corporate events

Whatever it is, your website must fulfill one main goal. All elements of your website must serve a comprehensive purpose. For example, if your website's goal is to sell your photos online, you can use several techniques to support your efforts, such as: For example, viewing your work, writing blog articles to share your experiences, and more.

Remember that your visitors, like Google Bots, want to know about your business. Achieving some important goals will likely cause confusion, which in turn can increase your visitors' chances of leaving your site prematurely.

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02. Choose your website

After you identify your goals, it's time to choose the right tool to achieve them. Website builders (also known as content management systems or CMS) are platforms where you can create, customize and publish websites.

There are dozens of platforms on the market, but not all website builders are born the same. Not sure who to use? has been ranked as one of the best website builders in the world for a reason. Here are some of the benefits of Wix:

Costs: Creating, publishing, and hosting your website is completely free for as long as you want. If you want to update your online presence with some user-defined functions, premium packages are also available. They contain everything you need to succeed online - from complete e-commerce solutions to domain user names.

Your style, your results: Are you an experienced website designer or are you still wondering how to create a website, Wix offers a variety of creative travel plans designed for everyone.

For example, beginners can use Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence), the first artificial intelligence platform to create a website for you. At the same time, experienced developers can view Corvid by Wix and dive into your site's engine to create complex applications, APIs and databases. In this way, you can be sure that you will get results that fit your brand perfectly and there seems to be no other website in the world.

Developed by professionals for professionals: Because your website is the center of your online life, Wix combines all the professional solutions needed in one place: bulletins, invoices, user databases and more. Everything can be accessed through one interface, and only one password needs to be stored.

We also ensure that your website meets the highest standards in the industry. Not only do you have the tools to create a professional-looking website, you can also optimize your website with Wix SEO Wiz to increase your chances of finding it on Google. And because Wix gives each of its users an SSL certificate, you can offer maximum security for your site.

There is no barrier to knowledge: Being the most complete platform on the market does not make it difficult to use. Besides that. Wix is ​​a drag-and-drop website creator that allows you to place any content anywhere. From your images to your text, you can change everything in seconds without the need for third-party assistance.

Expert advice: Do you have burning questions? Do you need help? Don't worry - you are not alone. From the 24/7 support team to our social media sites, there is always someone you can talk to. You will also find many useful materials available online. Start with this basic Wix tutorial and explore (sincerely) Wix blogs and help to expand your knowledge of web design, online marketing, SEO, and more.

Are you ready to create a website? How to get started:

Create Your Own Professional Website For FREE

Enter your email address, choose a password - and voila! You already have an account that allows you to create as many websites as possible.

Browse the large collection of website templates, choose the one that best suits your needs, and adjust it to the tools and features you choose. If you prefer to build your website from scratch, you can start with a blank canvas and download it from there.

Create Your Own Professional Website For FREE

03. Determine your layout

Fact: It only takes 50 milliseconds for a visitor to form an opinion about a website. This is why the visual structure of your page - or in other words the layout of your website - is very important to improve it.

To start with the right foot, you can choose the template on which your layout is based. A template is a website with a pre-designed layout created by professional designers. You can fully customize all elements to create your own template. Delete, add or change details such as text, images and colors.

Wix offers a complete library of free website templates. You can find designs for all types of businesses, whether you start a blog or create a personal website. Each template contains the tools you need, such as: For example, an online ordering gadget if you are a course instructor, or a Google Map widget if you own a brick and mortar store.

You can choose between multiple-page templates and single-page templates. If your website contains a lot of content, you might choose a website with many pages. In this case, add a classic menu to the website that your visitors can use to navigate your website. However, if you want to display less text content, you might want to visit a one-page website. This modern option is a popular choice for landing pages, event websites and other short content websites.

Expert advice: are you ready to use your creative juices? A good place to start is by looking at other websites that have fixed the problem. So, take a pen and paper and write ideas when you see examples of successful websites and some of the best website designs. There are many social media platforms dedicated to design inspiration, such as: B. Pinterest and Dribbble. So see this too.

04. Request your domain name

Simply put, your domain name is your web address. Your visitors will see this in their browser bar immediately after "www".

Registering your domain name is very important for your online success. User-defined domain web sites are automatically considered by Internet users to be more professional and reliable.

Domain names also help search engines (like Google and Bing) to understand what your website is about. This in turn can have a positive impact on your SEO. Last but not least, having your own domain name is the first step in getting your personal email address.

How do you choose a domain name for your brand? To be unforgettable, it must:

In short, the longer, the more likely it is that visitors misspell.

Simple: Avoid symbols, special symbols and numbers.

Professional: Your domain name must include your company name to avoid confusion.

Evocative: Show what you do in your domain name by searching for words related to your business.

Do you want to know if your dream domain name is available? This domain name registration tool gives you information every second. If you still have to make a top choice, you can buy your property online.

If not, don't panic. Try various options of your choice. You can play with word order, add words like "The" at the beginning, or change domain extensions. From .org to .com to .net, you can choose from 45 top-level domain extensions. Choose one that suits your company and geographical location.

05. Gather your content

Now is the time to be practical and prepare the material presented on your website. This includes images, slogans, videos, text and more. Use your own original material as much as possible to ensure that you offer valuable and branded content.

If you don't create clear content, you have to buy resources legally. Wix offers a variety of multimedia features, including a library with more than one million free photos from our Unsplash partners and interactive videos available specifically for Wix. There are also endless tanks for photos and pictures that you can check.

Even though the amount of content is large, make sure quality is always more important than quantity. People read 25% slower on the screen and are therefore less patient. When attention is lacking, the best way to attract the attention of visitors is to simply show your best content.

Moderation is also important because the more content you place on your website, the longer it will take to load. And if your visitors wait too long, they will leave your site without doing anything (this is called "jumping" in web design language) - and go to competitors. So be sure to spread your content on different pages and follow this technique to optimize website speed.

Finally, make sure your content is fully branded. Think of your website as your online person. It must represent who you are, from the color of your brand to your font and logo. By the way, if you don't have a logo, now is the time. Use these tips on logo design to create your own logo. Once done, place it on your website menu and link it to your homepage so visitors can navigate it easily.

Expert advice: Are you new to the marketing game or do you feel you can sharpen your brand language? From text to visualization, this guide explains everything you need to know about building your own brand and gives you the first step towards solid brand identity.

06. Add the correct page

Every company is unique, as is every website. However, there are some traditional areas that your website visitors expect. Here are the required pages that are needed for each website:

Homepage: You only have one chance to make a good first impression. Because this is probably the first thing visitors see, your homepage design must be clean, organized, and attractive. You need to clarify who you are and what you do.

Make sure it contains the most important information: your logo, your company name, your slogan (if available) and a button that invites visitors to explore further. Add all this information at the top of the page (the part of your website that is visible to visitors without having to scroll down) because this is the part of your page that is displayed first.

Your product or service page: Your product page tells visitors what you have to offer. If you believe, there is a possibility you can take your credit card and make a purchase. The most important recommendations for this category: Add high-quality product photos, write appropriate and interesting services or product descriptions and state your condition (eg shipping and return conditions) transparently.

About Us: Tell your story and share your values, methods and other information to help you present your brand. Prefer the first person ("I" or "us") because this will make things more personal and add a touch of humor when it suits your goals. Also make sure to add photos of yourself or your team members, because customers always want to see the person behind the business relationship.

Contact area: Make sure you provide your telephone number, mailing address, business email address, and social media. Visitors must be easy to reach. You can also add a live chat gadget that can be connected by visitors and get immediate answers.

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Extras (but strongly recommended):

Blogging: Blogging increases your reputation as an expert, helps you build a loyal community, and is an effective way to drive traffic to your website. There are also strategies that you can employ to generate income from your blog.

Even if you are not a natural writer, don't worry - you have more things to say than you think. You can talk about your customers (success stories, case studies, interviews) or about yourself (events you attend, new employees, etc.). However, the most valuable blogging ideas come from you and share your experiences. Your readers will be happy to find tips, methods, and hacks that help you solve problems you encounter. You can find more inspiration in this blog example.

Recommendation: 69% of consumers will recommend the company to others after a good customer experience. Use word of mouth and let your customers sell you to you with honest reviews about the website.

07. First, use

A good website is good, but it's far from enough. If you want your visitors to spend time on your page, enjoy your content, and finally handle it, you need to make it easier to navigate. This is what is meant by practical user experience (UX), and here are some basic concepts:

Architecture: Like rooms in a house, your yard must be linked correctly to facilitate website navigation. To do this, make sure you use an internal link between your pages. Finally, follow the two-click rule: your visitors must click no more than once to access pages on your website no matter where they are.

Color: As we can see in color psychology, color has a huge impact on the human psyche, which makes it a very important marketing tool. As a rule, limit yourself to three colors - primary colors (60% of the mix), secondary colors (30%) and accent colors (10%). To make the perfect color combination, see some of these free color palette generators or search the website for successful color schemes to be inspired.

CTA: A call to action is a message that tells visitors what to do. The network is filled with examples of calls to act like "Register now", "Don't miss it" or "Receive yours today". CTAs can be in the form of buttons or as linked text. They must be short, have verbs in imperative form and preferably contain an element of urgency. For more information, see this complete guide for writing an effective CTA.

Font: What's the use of having high quality content if no one can read it? When choosing the best font for your website, choose a readable font (both desktop and mobile), match your brand identity, and fit together. Even though the world of typography is huge, this free font selection shows the right direction. Golden rule: choose a maximum of three fonts to avoid visual clutter. If you are not sure how to mix and match, here are some of the best font pairs you can get.

Footer: This is the bottom of your website (the top is called the title). Footers are not immediately visible to your visitors, but can be used in several ways to improve usability. For example, they are a great place to add all your contact information, display a simple menu that refers to a category on your website, or display a disclaimer text on your website. This approach can significantly improve the user experience of your website.

Menu: The central element of this professional website ensures that visitors can easily switch from one category to another. Therefore, this will appear on every page of your website. Regardless of the type of website menu you choose, it is highly recommended that you go to the fixed menu (which is fixed when a visitor scrolls down the page) so you don't have to look for all the ways to find it. Minimize the number of categories for your cellular menu to avoid the advantages of small screens.

Traffic: This applies to all non-static elements of your website. The movement can come in various shapes, sizes and locations. This can be anything from a hold effect to a complete video background that you can make with Wix Video Maker. This animation is amazing because it attracts the attention of visitors. But like a good thing, use it sparingly. Is it interesting to learn more? This manual explains all documents and not animations from the website.

Scroll effects: As the name suggests, they appear when visitors scroll up or down on your website. Their sophistication attracts attention and creates a smooth transition between various levels of the page. You may have heard of parallax scrolling. This professional 3D effect is an important trend for web design every year. However, there are other scrolling effects (such as opening or zooming in), all of which are already in your Wix editor.

Space: This is the part of your website that contains nothing. Afraid of all the empty space? Don't Be White Spaces offers visitors the opportunity to "breathe" between images or content, which contributes to a much better user experience.

Expert advice: what should Leonardo da Vinci say about making it online? Indeed many. The same rules that have governed art and design for centuries also apply to the Internet. From balance to symmetry, discover how the 7 basic design principles can be applied to websites.

08. Do your SEO

Many factors play a role in finding your website on Google. In fact, there are more than 200 signals that make up the algorithm for ranking websites, e.g. B. the quality of your content, the competitiveness of your industry, the number of links you have, etc.

SEO (search engine optimization) is a science in itself. It takes time, patience, and perseverance to get your first results.

However, there are many steps you can and should take when creating pages. Work on the following SEO tips to get the best opportunities to be found and ranked correctly in the content that you post:

Keywords: Do keyword research to find keywords that are relevant to your website. First, ask yourself what questions potential Google visitors can look for to find a website like yours.

Once you have it, choose one primary keyword and several secondary - but no more. Place your keywords in strategic places on your website (SEO title and description, homepage, etc.), but don't overdo it. The search engines penalize websites that "unnaturally" include keywords in their content.

SEO Side: SEO page optimization is designed to tell the search engine what your page is. For each page, the website creator asks you to enter metadata. This includes the URL, the SEO title (the blue link you see in the Google results list) and the description. Even though your visitors might not see these items, don't ignore them because they are very important for ranking.

Hierarchy: Google Bots seems to like pages that are well structured. Give your text a specific text hierarchy by placing important content first and using different header levels in combination with short paragraphs. Aside from improving your SEO, it will also delight your visitors, who are increasingly willing to change the websites they read.

Local search engine optimization: If your company is physically located, you want your website to be the best for people in your geographic area. Log in to Google My Business to be found on Google Maps. Also make sure that your contact information is consistent across all of your online channels. This local SEO guide will help you market to local customers and increase your pedestrian traffic.

Alternative text: Google might have a lot of knowledge, but can't (yet!) "See" a photo or GIF. However, visual content will still appear on Google's results pages. This is because the bot reads the description you provided in your photo. This description, which is usually referred to as alternative text, is not visible to your visitors, but provides a very strong indication of what the media is. Writing well-optimized SEO text for your images is also an important way to increase the accessibility of your website.

Internal links: The more pages you link to, bots can more easily pass through your website. Add links to your website to encourage visitors to find more pages.

Expert advice: There's nothing more satisfying than checking a point on your to-do list. Wix SEO Wiz is a free and powerful tool that analyzes your web pages and publishes a personalized checklist of SEO elements that you need to cover. This is mandatory.

09. Choose the professional tools you need

The internet has become the most important market in the world. It is estimated that more than 2.14 billion people worldwide will buy goods and services online by 2021. For this reason, your website must contain all the tools to enable a safe and efficient business. Wix offers the professional solutions you need to interact with your customers - regardless of your size or industry:

Reservations: Every service-oriented website must be able to accept online orders and payments at all times. Ordering Wix isn't just that. It includes the most sophisticated options on the market, from managing your employee calendar to practical options for marketing automation. Best of all, your transaction is not a commission.

How to Build a Website How to Build a Website

E-commerce: Do you want to sell your goods online and generate a stable sales flow? An online shop is a road that you must take. From tracking your orders to making easy payments to expanding your dropshipping business, you can manage everything from one place.

Photography: Whether you want to present your work, sell photos online, or win new customers, creating a photo website is the right way. For more inspiration and tips for developing your photography career and business, visit the Wix Photography blog.

Music: Wix Music is an avant-garde platform for musicians who want to expand their audience while maintaining full creative freedom. Allows you to sell your music directly on your website and keep 100% of the profits. At the same time, it distributes your melody in more than 120 digital stores.

Hotels: On your hotel website, you can manage reservations, book guests in the language of your choice, send instant confirmation emails, receive payments online, and more. This step-by-step guide will walk you through the stages of creating a hotel website to surprise your guests.

Restaurant: On the restaurant website you can order and order tables online and offer customers a convenient and professional solution. Attract visitors to your website with a tempting menu design and simply connect to your Business and Foursquare Facebook page. For more tips, here's all you need to create a restaurant website.

Expert advice: The Wix application market includes a large selection of applications to increase the business potential of your website. From chat to payments, pop-ups and advertisements on Google, there are tools for every aspect of your business.

10. Make it accessible to everyone

Today, a truly professional website must be accessible to everyone. By accessing the Internet, everyone, regardless of their abilities, can live comfortably and interact with your website. This includes people with vision problems, temporary injuries, hearing loss and others. With more than one billion people with disabilities, meeting everyone's needs is very important. It also shows that you and your company include value and diversity.

There are several ways to make your website more accessible. Make sure you create the website hierarchically and use clear titles to determine different levels of information. Also, make sure your site has a full keyboard, write alternative text for your images, use title tags, and more. You can do even more to make your website accessible - and everything will improve your SEO efforts.

Also consider whether your customers can use a multilingual website. Is your company in various countries? Do you have customers from all over the world? Do you want to expand into new markets?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, it might be time to create a multilingual website. Offering content to visitors in their own language helps them engage (and buy) more, which in turn improves the customer experience.

11. Get involved with your visitors

A website is more than just a static element for surfing. Nowadays, visitors expect to communicate with you through your website. By adding the right advertising tools, you can turn visitors into customers and customers into loyal customers. Here are the features that you should consider when adding to your website:

Live Chat: This professional tool can do wonders in your sales. A Wix study found that users who installed the live chat feature on their website saw orders grow by 33% and sales grew by 39% after only one month.

Adding the chat gadget directly to your website has a big impact on the ability of visitors to interact with you. This small window at the bottom of your user's screen is a useful addition to providing fast customer support or to help unspecified visitors access the shopping basket.

Social media: Like your website, your social media channels are an important aspect of your online presence. To become a successful social media master, you need a well-planned social media calendar, bright ideas for social media content, and the right social media graphics tools. Read Social Media Marketing to develop strong strategies for your business.

Also link your website to your social account and vice versa. Add links to your website on your social channels and add social icons to your website's homepage. They must be in a visible place, e.g. B. under the menu, on the right or left side of your page or in the footer.

Newsletters: Email marketing was once considered the king of online marketing and is still an important source of traffic to your website and your company. You can use it to advertise your latest sales, promote articles on your blog, or celebrate your company's success with your customers.

How exactly can you optimize the success of your campaign? To add customers to your mailing list, place a lightbox on your website and invite people to subscribe. Send your first bulletin together. With Wix email marketing solutions, you can do everything from designing a newsletter with a pre-designed template to sending and reviewing your statistics directly from your website dashboard.

Form: Who doesn't like to share opinions? A powerful way to build long-term relationships with your customers is to ask for feedback from them. Creating online forms for your website ensures that visitors have a safe place to share their thoughts about products, services, websites, or customer support.

This is also a gold material that you can add to your testimonial section. Remember to limit the number of fields on your form to only enter the most important information. The more questions you ask, the less likely a customer is to fill out your form.

Expert advice: Not only can you make some channels accessible to increase visitor interaction. In this guide, from design to member pages, you will find all the strategies that designers can use to increase website user engagement.

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12. Optimize for mobile devices

Smaller screen means no less impact. With the increasing use of smartphones and tablets, it is very important to ensure a smooth surfing experience on all devices. Since Google introduced mobile indexing, optimizing the mobile version of your website becomes even more important if you want to increase your chances of becoming first on the search results page.

When you create a site with Wix, the mobile version of your site is generated automatically with the Mobile Editor. This means you don't have to worry about creating a new structure from scratch. However, it is up to you to ensure that you optimize your content to fit this smaller property.

First, try to only save the key elements of the page on your mobile website, and delete anything that is not important. Second, optimize the space above the fold by placing the most important information there. This will be seen by your visitors first, so keep it interesting and informative.

Finally, add the quick action bar. This way your visitors can easily contact you by phone or email and get quick links to various pages on your website. This means less scrolling time and more time to enjoy your content.

Wix website template

13. Ask for feedback

At this point, you might know how to successfully create a website, but there is still room for growth. Being impartial is very difficult when it comes to your own creation, which is why this step is very important.

Whether you are building an online portfolio, blog, or other type of website, it's time to take a step back and ask someone you trust for honest feedback. Be accepting of their criticisms and remember that what you hear may not always please you. Ask a friend or colleague to review the following points to get the perfect end result:

Is this a text correction? Spelling mistakes can damage the professional reputation you have worked hard on.

Is it easy to navigate the page? If more than one or two clicks are needed to find a strategic page on your website, you may need to rethink the architecture of your page and the visibility of your menu.

Is the mobile version optimized? Nearly 50% of internet users look for websites with mobile devices. You certainly don't want to leave half the world's population disappointed.

Do all connections work? Click on each link to make sure no one returns a 404 page (indicating that the page no longer exists). It is also recommended to open external links in a new section to minimize the risk of visitors leaving your website.

Are all SEO elements filled in correctly? From alternative text to title tags, many elements need to be checked. Fortunately, you can count on the Wix SEO tool for higher rankings and increase your search engine visibility.

Expert advice: Are you afraid to lose something? You will not read this initial list of basic websites and how to create a website. Make sure you browse before clicking the "Publish" button on your website.

14. Publish - and return there

Congratulations! Your website is now active. However, if you feel you are ready and ready, think again. Not only is there always room for improvement, but you also want to make sure your content is kept up to date. Sites that appear to be inactive for a long time are not invited and can appear unreliable.

Updating your website regularly shows that you are present, active and up-to-date with what's happening in your industry. Make sure you follow the current trends and share content on time like Black Friday promotions or summer smoothie recipes. You can also embed your Instagram feed on your website to ensure that your latest content is automatically displayed on your homepage.

Finally, periodically review the growth and effectiveness of your website using Wix marketing integration and link your website with a tracking tool. The following platforms will help you see where and how you can improve:

Google Analytics: How many visitors come to your page? Where do you come from? How long have you been reading your blog post? All this information (and more) is provided free of charge by your well-known Google tools. For more information, see this Beginner's Guide, which explains how to use Google Analytics effectively.

Google Search Console: If you want to see how your page ranks in the top search engines, this is the right platform. This is where you get every detail about your organic traffic - from the keywords you are competing to, to your progress over time. Are you looking for instructions? This guide for Google Search Console shows the way.

Heatmaps: Using accurate color coding, heatmaps indicate which parts of the page visitors see and which parts they click on. This valuable tool can help you improve your design and content. With Wix, you can link your website to a number of leading heatcard solutions, including Crazy Egg and Hotjar.


Having a website is a must in 2020. But an updated website is very important. Make sure you pay attention, inform, and update your content as often as possible.

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