What are some good strategies to increase YouTube viewers

What is the best way to get views on YouTube? The best legal way to use Google AdWords is to promote your video on YouTube, get YouTube views quickly, but it's not free.

What are some good strategies to increase YouTube viewers

However, if you are looking for a free way to get a view on YouTube, please follow. Search engine optimization for your videos uploaded to YouTube, correct video titles (including main keywords), descriptions (write short paragraphs (100-300 words) to describe video content) and tags (search keywords for video topics), then enter as video tags) etc. Please note that the title, tags and description must be relevant.

Look for similar videos on YouTube and find the best videos. Think about the comments in this video, you know what they want and you will know what you need to produce. Remember that everyone who watches your video is looking for their own profit, not yours. This will help you work from the viewpoint of the viewer. Try introducing yourself and consider why you actually watch and subscribe to other people's videos and channels. Then continue to publish unique and interesting video content and set your own goals to compete with the best videos in search rankings.

Make your video better and more professional (add subtitles to the video, add a video introduction before the video (text that quickly introduces your video), add video output at the end of the video (ask viewers to add your shared video, subscribe to your channel, leave comments, etc.) You can use YouTube Movie Maker to edit YouTube videos. Create unique thumbnails for your videos (Very interesting thumbnails can entice potential viewers to click on your videos.) Make a playlist of your videos (if they are in the same category). Create a website for your YouTube channel. Create a channel trailer. Comment on your niche video. Respond to comments as often as possible so your viewers know you are loyal to them. Share your channel and videos with family and friends and ask them to tell people they know.



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