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Updated: May 6

Return to the old version of the theme / plugin: Imagine you have just updated your theme or plugin and then see that the current version is not compatible with your website. So what should you do? Just go back to the previous version. This function is not available on WordPress itself. All you have to do is install this plugin: WP Rollback

Text Syntax Editor: If you write a post in a standard WordPress text editor, you might find it easy and difficult to determine the correct syntax. You can make it more user friendly by installing the HTML Editor Syntax Highlighter, a plugin that adds syntax highlighting as in the code editor.

Voice search: You can activate voice search like Google on your website. Simply install voice search and voice search will be added to your standard search form. The microphone icon appears in the search box.

Cache Activation: If you don't know much about caching a website or browser, or have trouble configuring plugins like W3 Total Cache, just install ZenCache and activate it. Perfect

Use several topics on the same site for different purposes: Suppose you need a landing page, but your topic is not relevant to a landing page. So you only need to install one new theme, but by default you can only activate WordPress one theme at a time. In this case, just install this plugin: Several themes, with which you can activate several themes with different functions.

Insert a link to any text without touching the mouse: select the text you want to link. Press CTRL + k (if you are a Windows user) or CMD + k (if you are a Mac user). Use Quick Editing: If you only want to change the title, permanent link, publication date, category, tags, and status of the post, you don't need to open the full post editor. Simply opening all posts and clicking on the quick edit below the post saves a lot of time.

Insert images directly: In the latest version of WordPress, you don't need to use the Add Media button to insert videos and pictures. Simply drag and drop directly to the post itself. Image uploaded and inserted.

Add code without the actual code: Here you will find all the useful WordPress shortcodes. Use them to add videos, audio, galleries and more without actually encoding and formatting.

Embed YouTube and Vimeo videos without code: Just paste the link in your post editor and you're done.

Show the WordPress editor hidden in a different section: can't you find the comment settings or author editing options in the post editor? Just click the "Screen Options" button in the upper right corner and activate / deactivate this option to show / hide sections / options.

Simply search, you'll find cooler tips, tricks and hacks on WordPress.

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