What are the keys to growing your blog audience

Updated: May 6

The use of social media is very important and you mention its use. But make sure you are consistent Follow and interact with people in the same field (comments, likes, favorites, retweets, shares, etc.). Become part of the community and get to know people. Post your blog posts to social media accounts with photos. Publish the same content multiple times on your social media

What are the keys to growing your blog audience

Tool Using tools such as previous planning buffers and IFTTT to use / make recipes allows you to focus on other things that you might be working on to promote your blog. One tool that you can use to share curated content on your social network is to start FIRE. You can add brand badges and promote content on any link you share. This is an example that you can check.

Similar blog Follow a similar blog and activate it there by posting and sharing comments. Also actively participating in forums and communities (Reddit, Quorum, Inbound, Growth, Hackers, etc.). This also increases your visibility. Guest contribution: When you write to other people's blogs, you can generate more traffic by building relationships with new people Generate quality traffic Build credibility Increase brand awareness and awareness

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