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About Wix

Wix is ​​a very popular cloud-based website development platform that serves millions of users worldwide. He won our award for the best e-commerce software for 2019.

Wix gives small businesses and individuals the tools and capacity to create beautiful and professional-looking websites that don't jeopardize their creativity with programming skills. Wix is ​​a free service, but users can improve their website by subscribing to Wix premium packages, one of which is dedicated exclusively to e-commerce providers.

The reason for Wix is ​​simple: they believe that the right website creation software must be able to do everything! You can use editors, code, or artificial design intelligence models to design a good hub for your content and do everything from simple blogs to reliable business with international management. In this case you do not need to have technical knowledge and coding. This platform only requires simple changes and editing with the drag & drop function.

What makes Wix special compared to other popular website builders is the level of adjustment. All templates are open to brand changes and adjustments and help you build the business exactly as you imagined. They are scalable and flexible, resistant to heavy traffic and complicated processes and equipped with search filters that visitors can use to find the desired content.

In addition, Wix is ​​one of the few fully functional manufacturers that is optimized for mobile devices and offers their services for free. You can familiarize yourself with all the basic operations by simply creating an account or switching smoothly to one of their top-notch packages, which also includes e-commerce features and shopping carts.

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Overview of the benefits of Wix

Wix relies on more than one free card to convince users of its perfect functionality. The best web builders, capturing the hearts of millions of commercial and non-commercial website owners, develop some of the best features in the industry and offer unique usability and exceptional functionality.

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SMB friendly

Wix is ​​undoubtedly the best choice for single website owners and SMEs who are interested in building beautiful web hubs without spending a fortune. All basic functions are available free of charge, and the manufacturing process does not require coding or technical knowledge to create and run a website. All you have to do is select the element you want to change and drag and drop your element into more than 100 design templates.

Reliable hosting for your website

With Wix, you can not only create beautiful websites, but also provide relevant domain names for free. You can also count on hosting services that are optimized for SEO, safe and reliable. Manage and track the performance of your website from one dashboard.

Wix Artificial Design Intelligence and Wix Code

The unique service offered by Wix professionals is the creation of premium web sites specifically made just for you. The only thing you are expected to do is answer a few simple questions about who you are and what you do, and provide the content experts you want to include. Based on this information, they make a professional and very personal web site for you and you can go live immediately.

For developers, Wix has developed a code module with which they can organize and use their own database collection. You can rely on open API architecture to install the required functionality. Everything they make is compatible with SEO and the coding process is intuitive and smooth.

Optimized SEO content

An important advantage when creating a Wix website is the ability to place content that is optimized for SEO, which makes your suggestions more visible and easier to find by search engines. SEO gadget functions can be purchased in the stable Wix market. There you will also find a number of interesting functions to update your account.

E-commerce module

Online retailers can subscribe to the Wix e-commerce module and create attractive e-shops for their products. This platform offers three types of product catalogs and special pages, and introduces shopping features to enhance the customer experience. It is also good to know that Wix supports direct payments with credit cards and PayPal wallets (0% commission). Manage your inventory and delivery process from end to end; and take care of taxation on your behalf.

Website optimized for mobile devices

Nowadays, when most people use their mobile devices to search online content and search for products, you also need a reliable website that is optimized for mobile devices. Wix automatically optimizes all websites for mobile display and allows you to create only mobile websites if necessary. This is very useful for e-commerce users who are interested in advertising and selling online.

There are no connection problems

Another thing you like about Wix is ​​that it works seamlessly with a number of third party solutions, including market leading, sales applications, and marketing solutions. You can also use it in synchronization with collaboration and CRM applications and enjoy rational social media integration to promote your products.

Outstanding support

Wix has one of the most responsive and professional support teams in the industry. Therefore, you can be sure that your questions and inquiries will be handled in a professional and timely manner by contacting the team via email or telephone. This platform also offers a solid knowledge base that is full of learning material and will most likely find answers and best practices without their help.

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Wix Features

Overview of Wix functions

Intuitive website

Hundreds of design templates

Adjustable design

Free and reliable hosting

Optimized mobile display

Single room pager

Drag the web editor

Image Editor

Free text and font editor

Add and manage pages

HTML embed code

Side protection

URLs for websites and mobile websites

Easily add blogs

Facebook comments

Social problem

Automatic blog formatting

Social buttons (Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest)

Wix Application Market

Online store

Email Marketing

Show event

Live chat

Various payment methods

Contact the manager

Google Custom Mailbox

Financial instruments

Marketing tool

Means of communication

Site Analysis - Google Analytics

Technical details

Supported Devices



iPhone / iPad




Hosted on cloud

Open API

Language support






Pricing model


Monthly payment

Annual subscription

Customer type

Small business

Medium business


Wix Support

  • Email

  • Phone

  • Live Support

  • Training

  • Tickets

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